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August 28, 2006



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virendra khudbien

Lot of Indian writers have made their name and money by getting published overseas. Isn't it sufficient for Indian Publishers and Literary Agents to face the mirror atleast for once.


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You could also check out LeadStart Corporation - they work as a publishing house, and also as a literary agent. And they are absolutely responsive and very transparent about their


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what an unforgettable post! thank you!

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I am of the opinion, that if you are not looking for love, you will probably find it in the most unlikely places. However, if you try to hard to look for it, you will fail in your quest!

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A truly interesting way of looking at something most people find difficult to comprehend. Nice! I enjoyed reading it and the sincerity you display in this is something I can definitely learn from.

Ellen Smith

One fascinating article.
You know, indeed there have been a lot of dating agencies mostly in the net. Fascinating to learn the lengths many men go through finding the women of their dreams and vice-versa I suppose, women too do that..
What's with all the searching for a foreign bride? I can only wildly guess..

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I agree with your idea.You look like very talented.It is very happy to meet you. Thank you!

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Every author needs literary agents, literature is very important for all of us, because if you read you are improving your knowledge, the problem is that the countries do not support the authors so they can not publish their work. So if you have a company that publish books you can make the difference, help those authors, they need you.

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Book Publishers In India

Excellent website


There are only a few Indian literary agents specializing in the genre 'Crime, Mystery and Thrillers'. You can find the list here. http://thrillerwritinghelp.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/indian-literary-agents-for-thrillers/

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