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July 05, 2005



I am a big fan of IT conversations too - Doug seems to be a professional audio guy and the quality of the recordings is very good compared to some of the podcasts from other sites.

His plan is very ambitious, but he has done a little bit of ground work - lot of the the recent shows have recently been produced by volunteers including one indian guy. Maybe that's how the whole project will scale.

OTOH, my favourite IT conversations episodes are Paul Graham - Hackers and Painters and Great Hackers, the one with Alistair Cockburn - gives fascinating insights into how software dev came to be regarded as computer science, and more recently the one with Malcolm Gladwell - about his latest book 'Blink'.


ah ha, your dream... started working on it yet?!


Yes, we're working towards making a small start soon. Will keep you posted.


I shall like to participate any such activities undertaken to transform the Men. Kindly guide me on the proposed movements and schedules.
-R.B.Patil in India

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