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March 08, 2004


Sanjay Vyas

I hope not :) Most of my colleagues call America the LOO (Land of opportunities.


He really hit the nail right at the spot. My thoughts are exactly in the same lines. I can only hope now such talks bring more vibrations of the same thoughts for a critical mass to break the blurb. Thanks for capturing a great talk. Wish I could shout from the peak of Everest what I feel. Good Luck, keep such nice ones coming.

Suhas Gangurde

Dr. Mashelkar's thought are inspiring at the same time sobering. There is one trend amongst almost all the sections of indian society especially the middle class which is a majority in our country . That of inculcating unhealthy competition between the youth, be it education, money etc.The youth therefore seem to be self centred. The India should also be a 'land of volunteerism', if it has to progress. The marxist philosophy at the material level may not be palatable to all however at the mental or spiritual level it should be accepted. Equality may not lie in giving everybody a fridge,; however those who have fridge could offer cold water to those who haven't . This concept of 'Samata' is an ancient indian concept well before Marx. It was lost down the ages and unless we Indians regain it we may progress only at the cost of gross societal inequality & subssequent tension.

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