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December 24, 2003


Mridula Anand


Mr.K.R.Ramamani was my grandfather.Since you were interested in knowing more about him I have given some information.The person introducing was taking into account that anyone who was connected with law/taxation definitely knew Mr.Ramamani as they had either come to him for consultation,taken classes with him or met him through their seniors.I do wish you return for other lectures organised in his memory and hope this serves as enough background on him.

Mridula Anand.
Ramamani, who passed away in March 1998, was considered one of the top income tax attorneys of his generation in India. As a young man, he intended to pursue a career in physics and to study in the United States. At age 19 his plans underwent a dramatic change when his father died suddenly. Instead Ramamani pursued a legal career and quickly made a name for himself in leading income tax circles in the country.

He became a partner in Subbareyar, Padmanabhan, Ramamani & Associates, one of the top legal firms in southern India, and participated in parliamentary law commissions. He served as a director on many boards of India's top industrial houses. Despite his hectic schedule, he continued his love of teaching by lecturing at the University of Madras. In later years he established and self-financed an English medium school in rural Tamilnadu.

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