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November 21, 2006


עמדת עבודה

Others praise the professionalism of the penguin and effort you put into training their staff. Most writers begin continue to send their manuscripts to Penguin first.


hi am not from india ut right schooling in india i would like to find a publisher for my manuscript my number is 8686697119,emekaudenka3@yahoo.com

Subramanya Rama Rao

I am looking for a non- fiction publisher, i have written a book entitled "Edifying Thoughts "
Interested publishers, may contact me directly.My Mobile No:+919986616857.

pawan bisht

Gud Evening..i am doing b.tech and a debut writter.i have writen energetic,motivational peoms of my owns experiences.
sir/mam i want to publish it by your respected and valued tag(penguin).its title is unmukt panchi....its mean unbounded bird.

i hope you will take a ur keen interst ..
thanku for looking on my msg.pl contect
pawan bisht

R R Harshana

My renown Gujarati author Bakul Dave has written a novel on the life of a blind lady ( Now running an institute for the blind girl - Mahila Seva Kunj at Surendranagar) titled : "Nen Ma Naval Noor". I have translated the same novel in English titled "Eye Light" and I'm in search of a publisher.
Any help in this regard would be welcomed.

Akshay Borkar

Volla publishers.....!!!!!!
I have written a fiction story for the youngsters. I need to publish it. So please can you tell me how I should managed to publish it or else please give me some guidelines.

Santosh kumar chaturvedi

My book is already published but in Hindi.Now I am in search of a translator cum publisher.Can somebody help me.Name of my published book is BHARTIYA DAK BIBHAG KA UDBHAV AVM VIKASH. Book also apreaciated by highest body of INDIA POST.They gave a appreciation letter and a 3rd prize in all India level competition .

Santosh kumar chaturvedi

The English edition of my book BHARTIYA DAK BIBHAG KA UDBHAV AVM VIKASH will be popular in non Hindi states of India like Andra, Tamil Naidu Kerala and other south Indian states.It also can find place in Asian pacific postal college Bangkok .Even it may be useful in Universal Postal Union at UNO level . s k chaturvedi mobile ;- 09413678097

Arjun Prasad

I am an that author who wrote more than 80 books in Hindi and get 22 published in Delhi and they are best saler too but the publishers do not want pay me any roalties

Shefali Raj

My friend has penned down very interesting story of his School Days. He has lots to share about his college days and his professional life too. Need somebody to help us publish it. Promise you won't regret. I would also appreciate if someone could guide me in finding a publisher.
Thank you.

Atul Thakare

I have written a fiction about the college life for the young generation. I am looking for a good publisher for the same. The name of the book is You Can't Complete Engineering.

Atul Thakare

Account Deleted

dear all i have type written a novel of 161 pages which is the story of a lady ex chief minister of southern state of india. she is sitting leader of opposition in state house and she is also the ex matinee idol and numro uno star of yester years. the ardent fan of hers have erected four temples with her idols at the various important stages of her carrier. she has very close and suspicious relations with her fast lady friend. the state voting pattern is known for its anti incumbency waves.the elections of state legislation were to take place in very near future and the lady has no chance to win the elections. the sitting chief minister is her arch rival from their initial period of struggling and making carrier in films. for the sake of followers and state politics she decides to fight the elections. when all the state people were laughing over her lesbian relations with her fast friend she turns the table and against all odds wins the elections. the novel reflects the social and cultural scenario of the state. i am not so keen in getting author's money but will not be able to self publish the novel. so expecting a publisher who will publish the novel. i am practicing architect and ten marathi titles to my credit; from collections of stories to traslations and novel with collections of poems. sanjeev thakar thakar.sanjeev@gmail.com

gunjan yadav

My story is as simple as a straight line and as hard to understand what that straight line want to convey i m a upcomming author ....i have written a manuscript o my title is love birds-four body two soul one world ..... i need a publisher for my story i bet its new and heart touching ...help me out plz my contact no is 09997587671. u can also mail me at cutiepiesept@gmail.com please help me in publishing a teen story which will booms in upcomng years. thnx

Anadi Naik

Two of my fictions SONG OF SATAN and NINETEENTH OF NOVEMBER are available through Amazon. com and book stores. I am looking for an Indian publisher for my fiction BLOWN AWAY - the life story of a man who grew up in a village ; went to Calcutta for a better living and did well. However, the partition shattered his world literally. The debacle also coincided with the death of his dear wife Haru. Heart broken and without a means of making a living he tried to make it go in another place. Illness set in. He returned to the village where he closed his eyes.A story of love,hope, disappointment and a struggle to survive. The story has been serialized in a news magazine in the Washington D.C. area.

Anadi Naik

bangla natoks

Nilanjana Roy profile is most popular in the India. i know about this. Penguin India was set up in 1985. it carry many important matter. i have learn about many topics from in this site.

Dhiraj Mondal

My son Dattatreya Mandal(25 years) is desirous to publish short story collection.What have I to do ? For helping and guiding I may kindly be contacted.

Dhiraj Mondal


i hav written a collection of stories,want to publish

siraj ahmad

Sitting on internet i have seen, few lines, few more lines written by a lots of people, debut writers about their novel, books. what really publisher take their work from here? do they really have interest in it. its been one year i am continually reading same like blog everyday, same pattern, same problem with same, common fundamental story, 'i have written a book looking for publisher.' does it really work. can we really find a publisher on this blog. anyone have got their destination. please revert me...

Arjun Prasad

Dear friends read my real life stories on the following link and cooment upon them
My books such as Guardbabu, Mahamanav Gautam Buddha, Vyavharik Hindi Vyakaran, Manak Hindi Vyakaran and Aisa bhi hota hai alongwith Yug Nirmata Dr. Ambedkar have been recognised and selected by the Ministery of Home Affairs, Govt. of India on Dated 07-12-2012. I have written other many books and want to get publish them from famous publishers. kindly contact me interested Hindi Publishers. My books are belong as Memories, Desaster Management, Stories, environment, terrorism and educational etc


I finished my novel, I Played A Game With Life' and looking for publishers. If interested pls contact me 9962011928


I have written a novel based on the first martyr of Chhattisgarh Kranti Veer Narayan Singh. I have been trying to publish it but not yet. kindly suggest what I should do. I have been trying with the top publishers as i wish to give the book and the freedom fighter the greatest acknowledgement.


Hello there... I am looking for a genuine publisher where i can submit my work and get the feedback..information regarding the same would be a great help!


I have written three books on Social, Political and human rights themes in English. All these books were published by leading Indian Publishers engaged in publishing non-fictions. During the last three years I was engaged in writing a novel in English on the background of Kerala's socio-economic and political life focusing mainly on the trial and tribulations a great sculptor committed to his profession without any compromises. Around 80 percent of the work has been completed. Can I get the details of some leading publishers who are interested in this project with reasonable one-time royalty to me.

Ridendick Mitro

i m unmarried smart male poet-novelist-journalist-lyricist from kolkata, westBengal, India, writes in English and Bengali separately(not translation).
i finished 200+ (two hundred)English sonnets, many poems,and & 7( seven)English Fiction writing on national and international theme related to love, sex, world peace, and the more.
it got published a lot of books in both Language.
this year,2013, one of those English novel, THE DISINTERRED DREAM, has been published from " Knowledge Publication House", Kolkata-700075, India. they take more from me.
i want some publications who must give me bulk amount as advance and maintain encouraging level royalty. because if a writer leads life happily the publisher gets it also according to the math by work and ideology. which publishers do not maintain this manner and system they never gain perfectly. manner, marketing, sense in literature and responsibility are the instruction in creating a just publisher. but here and there most of all are haphazard and hopeless. this situation keeps poor the literature world. alas! why we would not be beautiful in manner if we believe good things makes us satisfied!
i invite the good minded publishers who will feel me.

Ridendick Mitro

mobile : (+91)- 9163905396
email: ridolead@gmail.com

Ridendick Mitro

i, male poet novelist journalist lyricist from Kolkata, West Bengal,India,write in English and Bengali separately(not translation) finished 7 (seven) English fictions, 200+ Sonnets, many poems and lyrics.
Both the languages, a lot of work has been published from several publications from Kolkata, Westbengal.
one of them, a English fiction, out of seven, has been published in 2013 from a well known publication. advertisement should not be required here, so i deny other information.
They take more. but i want to publish my several English work from several publications who will give me bulk amount as advance as well as good level royalty.
fictions are written on world peace, love, sex,following home and aboard connections.
Any publisher from any corner of the world having ISBN status,can feel me perfectly send information through email/phone.

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