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July 01, 2004


DR.Vipinbhai V Patel

res sir,
i have work in chemical modification of egg protein to yeild methylglyoxal solution now day in cancer this is good medicine but i have problum to laboratory work so i think any fescility their or near ANAND to perform my work forword if charge for lab or institution i pay them but give me idea about this please email me my emali address [email protected]

Rathna Sivasailam

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a graduate student pursuing Masters in Environmental Sciences from Miami University, USA. I am doing a small project for an advanced GIS and Landscape Ecology class which is about change detection in Chennai in the last 20 years. I am trying to find hydrography, DEMs relating to this area to download. However, I am unable to find relevant data. Please let me know from where i can download free data regarding the same.


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Can somebody help me with 2 Science Questions?
Q1.Describe in details of the characteristics of one of the animals found in the marine alcove at the Science Centre.
Q2.List 3 pond creatures and 3 plants living in the pond community and describe their characteristics at the Eco Garden in the Science Centre.



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