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May 26, 2004


Surya Prakash

Sir / Madam,

i want to do this course Mater Certificate in Project mangement, but at present i am in DOHA, can i do online course what is rules?

kindly mail back



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I am interested to take up this course.
Can you please throw some light if it can be taken correspondence or online as I am based in Bangalore?

What is the total course time period?
Are tehre any venues for it in Bangalore?
What is the course fee?

My qualification is MBA.
Thanks a lot.

Sanjib Kumar Jena

Dear sir,
Rightnow I am working as a commissioning Engineer in power project in Port Dickson,Malaysia.I am interested to do the project management course.I have done B.E(Electrical) & M.E(Communication system engg.).Please mail me back regarding the course fees,procedure for admission & other details.
Thanking you.


Is it possible to do an online course for Certificate in Project Management as I am really interested in the same.


IT organizations face a variety of challenges to maintain a strategic advantage over their competitors.


Project management certification and accreditation is determined by the passing of two exams. The Foundation exam is a multiple-choice test that lasts for up to one hour. The Practitioner test is a bit more complex, mixing in objective testing with multiple-choice questions, and clocking in at approximately three hours.


Project management courses are most beneficial when there is a clear intent to address specific relevant and pressing issues.


Project management training is in high demand today as businesses and organizations constantly look for ways to streamline and refine practices and operations for the most cost efficient, resource friendly, solutions to increasing productivity and improving the bottom line.

Abhishek Dey

Is is possible to attend any online course on Project Management since I am currenty working with a MNC ?

Project Management Software

Success of any project is dependent upon how the manager is leading the project. Employing web based project management tools are a way to assist you end-to-end with your project. Plenty of tools are there that enables punctuality of activities with effectiveness like search time widgets, account user number tools, and search groups.

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Manual processes of attending projects can create major problems sometimes due to lack of accuracy. In web based project management software, all the errors can be removed easily and apart from that you can track and record all of your jobs. Even companies can customize project management software as per their requirements.

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Today, we are living in an era of the Internet where online project management software serves as a great tool to help us complete projects on time. Such software is the simplest tool that helps the project managers plan and manage different tasks that are involved in each project.

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Ansuman Satapathy

Currently I'm in Doha working as a Planning Manager with an Australian construction company. Basically I passed a Bachelor Engineering in Civil Engineering from India. Is it possible to go ahead with online Masters in Project Management? Please let me know the details about the education.

Barramundi fishing

The details given is good and is useful to whom who want that..Everything written in perfect order and is very clear to understand..That's so nice of you that you had shared whole information here..

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