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April 05, 2005


Narendra Gole

I have recently completed translating

"Dr.Ornish's Program for reversing heart disease"

in Marathi.

Would you be intrested to publish in Marathi?

If yes please contact me.


Narendra, We don't plan to publish in Marathi in the coming year. But I'll let you know when we plan to begin publishing in Marathi. Thanks for your interest.

Anita Kainthla

In 2005 Viva books published a book of mine- The biography of late social activist Baba Amte.. Would it be possible to trnslate it into Hindi and Marathi?
Hope for a reply on my e-mail address that I have provided.

.atul shrivastav - C-1, T.B.Hospital,  Mehrauli, New Delhi, 110030

I have written a book, ie. poetry(khand kavya)"Deeksha Dvand".It is an incidence of Mahabharat regarding Guru Dakshina offered by Eklavya to Drona. The book contains 97 pages of manuscript.would you be interested to publishe it?
Please contact.

atul shrivastav

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