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September 05, 2003


Rajesh Chandran

Well, every one forgets that the economic development that we are seeing right now in India is nothing but just because we had english as a language subject in our schools. Every average Indian can understand english and few can speak. This number of course is in billions. Just see the plight of China, they have a soaring record of growth in manufacturing industry(even though the practices of manufacture are also doubtful) but have been trying hard to beat India in the service sector, but they could not and found that weakness in English was the problem. Politicians enjoy all the benefits of being in power, but forgets the basic common problems faced by the general public and they but send their students to convent.

Rajesh Chandran

Adding to the above comment, i want to reiterate that even if english is abolished we will not face immediate problems because of the english speaking human resource already available but will see the effects after 20 years or so. And be it china has already introduced english as a compulsory subject in their schools from 1998 onwards, so you can imagine where we are going and where they are going. Imagine where we will be right after 20 years and where they will be.

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